X(tra) L(arge)

Target: Companies with large Trademark portfolio

By far, the set of services that is best suited for large companies or companies with many brands, not only in Portugal, but as in Portugal and abroad.

When a company has a large number of brands and industrial property rights, unnecessary duplication in the portfolio occurs, which leads to unnecessary costs, especially if the company exports its products or services.


We have created an innovative service, unique in the business, that allows for large savings in the expenditure in large portfolios, fixating the costs, while at the same time, organizing and reducing administrative processes on the clients end.

Set of services for XL clients:

  • Periodic review of the Intellectual Property portfolio in accordance with the company's business strategy
  • Method of fixed and planned costs for every service
  • Costs and processes reductions on the client side

If you have a large trademark portfolio, you may be considered a XL client. Get in touch with us, no string attached, to find out how you may benefit from this set of services.

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