Target: Companies that wish to prevent Unfair competition actions

This set of services includes basic brand identity / logo safeguard services.

These services allow you to detect possible subsequent records to be confused with the clients trademarks and may cause confusion to the consumer. Before products/services enter the market, involving unnecessary costs and bustle, these services allow for the detection of possible infringements, deliberate or not, and the onset of legal mechanisms that guarantee the uniqueness of the records of our clients. In particular some companies that export, often far away from the destination of the products, have an interest in an international surveillance service, which we are able to perform for the whole world at surprisingly affordable prices.

In this option the client chooses the services and terms that interests them, according to the life cycle of their products and brands.

The Tailored support for Protection includes:

  • Watching service in Portugal of new Records in the Portuguese PTO
  • Watching service in Portugal of new registries in the Companies Registry
  • Internet Watching
  • Watching service against counterfeiting through the customs service
  • Watching service in countries of interest

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