Destinatários: PME’s que procuram nova imagem para os seus produtos e serviços

Set of services ideal for medium-sized companies that are already established in the market and need support in the design of creative brands, labels, designs, package, etc.

For very appealing conditions, our designers together with our experts on Intellectual Property create something new and innovative. From these combined efforts, there are no chances that the creative team imagines something that already exists because after the first draft is drawn, searches are performed on different records, to ensure that the new creation is unique.

Following these procedure, we are able to ensure that the innovation is guaranteed since the moment of its creation.

The Creation set of Tailored services include:

  • Creative support in the creation of brands, lettering, logotypes, labels or designs;
  • Availability search;
  • Analysis on the chances of protection;
  • Official filings;

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