For Your Inventions

Target: Inventors

For the inventor that had a brilliant idea but needs support in protecting his invention, this is the ideal set of services. More than help in filing the patent this is a full set of advisory and implementation services, from the conception of the original idea to its implementation in the market for commercial exploitation.

For these we rely on experts with official training from the European Patent Office, that help in the drafting of the patent in the official required format, so that your idea does not fail due to formalisms.

Covered services in Tailored made for Inventors:

  • Prior art search
  • Drafting of the required documents in their required format
  • Filing of the Patent or Utility Model application
  • National and/or International monitoring of the application
  • Technology Transfer

From this set of services, choose the ones that apply to your specific case, and please use the following link to contact us.

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