To Protect and Monitor

Watching Services

To register your right may not be enough, and it is vital that you have a way of detecting possible infringements by third parties.

The Portuguese PTO (INPI) in Portugal, as office responsible for the maintenance of all IP Rights in this jurisdiction, does a prior examination but without the proper care and attention that an IP specialist may provide on behalf of his clients.

On the other hand, the European Union Office (EUIPO) that manages the trademark and designs registration in the European Union grants, with almost no prior searches, any application that is filed.

To try to minimize the risks to the clients that entrust us their rights, we have implemented a modern and efficient daily watching system of the several IP rights that are under our care, and we submit all registrations to a daily check against new publications.

The information contained in our internal databases and the cooperation with external entities abroad, allows us to detect and inform our clients, within the required timeframe to act and after a careful infringement check, of any new publication that may infringe our clients prior rights.

An effective management and defense of IP rights requires a professional consultant capable of monitoring every stage of your right lifecycle.

Through the use of our internal databases and the systems of our foreign associates, we are able to obtain results worldwide, always taking into acount the jurisdiction in which the right is valid.

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