A prior search to the current market

Priority Searches

Intellectual Property rights obey to the "Right of Priority", mentioned in Art. 4 of the Paris Convention, according to which the priority right is gained by the first to file. As such, it is recommended that a new application be always subject to an availability search to detect conflicting prior rights.

Through internal databases, specially compiled to this purpose, or through our global associates, we are able to verify if the application is available for registration, anywhere in the World.

We perform availability searches in the national, international and supranational databases and draft reports on the possibility to file in light of the disclosed results.

We also analyse the possibility to register the intended application, in view of the trademark formalities requirements of the jurisdiction at stake.

Examples of the types of situations that we encounter on a daily basis are listed below:


An availability search identifies the possible hindrances and barriers to a successful grant decision on your application, which may result in costs savings in the form of unwasted investment.

Brand's Best Friend

In case you are a business dedicated to Brand Creation, please consult our specially tailored service called Brand's Best Friend, that was created with the purpose of facilitating market analysis by branding agencies creatives, allowing for the early identification of obstacles to a brand in its initial creative stages.

This approach results in a direct saving of resources, both human and financial, with the early identification of the brand proposals that will result in failure.

Consult us to learn about the ways that we may assist you and increasing your productivity and efficiency.

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