Exclusivity in the digital world

Domain Names

We register domain names in several TLD's (Top Level Domain), and were in 2005 recognized as Registrars with the national office that manages and maintains Portuguese domain names: DNS.

The registration and protection of your identity on the digital world is vital for sustained credibility that a company or product achieves, spreading beyond the limits of your territory.

The online strategy requires a sound choice of domain name, aligned with your business and to keep it valid and exclusive for your own use.

Kind of innovation that is protected

Online business (website, e-mail and other uses)

Cares to have

Choice of the TLD to use

Availability search

Trademark registration (advisable)

Competitive advantages

Adds value to your business

Conveys seriousness on online communication

Exclusive use of your digital identity

Globalization tool

Base for e-commerce


TLD (Top Level Domain) associated to Portugal. The registration and maintenance of these domain names are handled by DNS.PT, before which we are perfectly able to represent our customers.


Managed by EURID, this domain name is only available for businesses headquartered in a member state of the European Union, or to individuals with address in one of the same states.


It is the most common and used TLD (Top Level Domain), and there are no restrictions to its registration. Any entitity is eligible for ownership of a .COM domain name, provided that it is available for registration.


This sub-level TLD (Top Level Domain) is easily acquired by any applicant, and has no restrictions. It is made available on a "first-come-first-served" basis, which means that the only requirement is that the domain name is available for registration.

With regards to additional TLD's (Top Level Domain), we rely on a global network of partners that allows us to represent our clients in any jurisdiction. Contact-us if you wish to register a domain name in any jurisdiction throughout the world, and we will prepare a strategy on the best way to achieve your goal.

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