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Legal notice

The data collected in the present form will be processed and stored in digital and physical support.

Gastão da Cunha Ferreira, Lda. is the responsible entitie for the personal data treatment.

The supplied information will be treated confidentially and used exclusively for recruitment and for the analysis of a possible cooperation with Gastão da Cunha Ferreira, Lda.. In the case of establishing a professional relation with the personal data owner, the information contained in the current form, together with additional colected data obtained in the course of the employement contract, will be used for human resource management, to ensure the fulfillment of all legal obligations.

Gastão Cunha Ferreira may transmit your data to outsourced companies with regards to the above mentioned procedures.

In term of the applicable law, it is granted to the owner of the data the possibility to access, rectify or update his/her information, upon written request addressed to the entity responsible for the data treatment and sent by mail to Rua dos Bacalhoeiros 4, 1100-070 Lisbon or by email sent to [email protected].

I have read and accepted the terms related to the confidentiality of the private data

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