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A multidisciplinary team

Our team is comprised of several professionals with different backgrounds, allowing us to solve and assist our clients in different issues in their protection strategy.

In addition to all the main fields of activity listed, we are also capable of assisting our clients in all matters related to Intellectual Property.

Below you may find a few examples. Please feel free to contact us in case you require any assistance in any matter listed or not listed below.

Supplementary Protection Certificates

To compensante the time required for the introduction into market of some pharmaceutical products, the Supplementary Protection Certificate was created, that may add up to 5 years of extra protection in pharmaceutical related patents.

Licensing and Technology Transfer

Direct exploitation of your invention or businnes may not be the best option to monetize your creation. There are times in which the best option consists on transfering its commercialization to a third party, through the use of Licensing of Technology Transfer

Appelations of Origin

Appelation of Origin refers to a region, a specific place or, in expceptional cases, a country that is used to designate or identify a certain product. the protection confered by this type of registration allows for the exclusive use of the protected term by its legitimate users.

Certificates of Admissibility of Company Register

The Certificates of Admissibility of Company Register allows you to ensure the use of a certain term as your new Company Name or Denomination.

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