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Who we are

Our establishment

Our Intellectual Property firm has its date of establishment in 1938. However, its history dates back to the XIX century with the creation of the firm J.A. Cunha Ferreira, founded by the father of our founder Gastão da Cunha Ferreira, and on which Gastão da Cunha Ferreira first interacted with Intellectual Property matters.


The long period of time on which we have been providing consultancy services brings with it national and international recognition in the midst of Intellectual Property.

We live up to the reputation we maintain, and we analyse every matter that reach us in a focused and dedicated way.

Currently, we have a young and dynamic team, with external elements that come to us to increase their technical knowledge and with specialists from different fields of expertise, from Legal to Scientific to Linguistics.

We invest strongly on technological solutions, that add value to the services we provide. We are constantly looking for and investing in new functionalities and tools that allow us to offer results more quickly and efficiently.

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