How We Operate

Acquired knowledge and experience

Over 80 years of activity, we have accumulated extense experience and know-how in Intellectual Property matters. 

We have updated our processes and proceedings in a continuous manner, and have been acquiring new skill-sets, always with the end goal of better serving our clients and partners.

Today, we make use of all those acquired techniques and we believe that this is one of the essential factors that allows us to offer added value to the people that request our assistance.

Cooperation and Transparency

We strive to maintain a posture of a partner alongside our client, and not a mere service supplier. We analyse in depth what is needed and by use of a constant exchange of ideas with the rights owner, we are able to identify the best possible course of action to the matter at hand.

It is this proximity, along with the fact that it is an internal company policy to promote absolute transparency in the communication with our clients, that allow us to avoid any problems that may appear and always select the best course of action.

Technological Innovation

We have always looked at technological innovation as an important tool to improve and optimize our processes.

We have a policy of constant investment in IT tools that allow us to obtain and present results in a faster and more efficient way, in an age in which the response time in any business is a determining factor to its success.

Specialized Personel

We are comprised by a team of individuals, highly specialized in different fields related to Intellectual Property.

From Attorneys to Engineers to Linguists, the elments that comprise our team are perfectly capable of handling any task that may be requested.

We are continuously searching for professionals that may bring an added value to our services and activity. We operate on a logic of continuous formation.

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